Seekers of Unity

The Seekers of Unity are those who have come to the Citadel of H’Jarad on a pilgrimage, or are serving the people in a capacity on behalf of their god. They dwell in the Outer Ring but may be in the Inner Ring if they are recently blessed to follow the Trials of Unity. The Seekers are also those in the government of the Outer Ring who are in positions of policing or faith guidence, those who understand the knowledge the most and are closest to entering into the Inner Ring for their trials.

Accepted Classes under this Title:

Barbarian -
Police or butcher, farmer with physical labour experience.

Bard -
a street performer or enterprising salesman.

Fighter -
Police or… there really is no violence in the districts unless the police righteously say there is – and are the ones to administer it

Rogue -
pick pocket or similar. – Not accessible by holy soul, unless justifiable. Must have some secret agenda.

Ranger -
game hunter, and/or experienced traveller – not so common, most travellers are just going to the citadel.

Seeker -
alternative hunter – I may take this and the ranger out. They aren’t central to the concept.

Warden -
Police wardens, sometimes control must be maintained!

Warlord -
Police chiefs, and so on…

Clerics, Paladins and Runepriests may have character backgrounds in the Seekers of Unity area, if they are recent initiates into the Trials of Unity, or follow a similar concept.

Seekers of Unity

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