Path with the Gods

Those on the Path with the Gods are the people in the Inner Ring, attaining unity, and certainly those more practised in their faith in the Central Ring

Accepted Classes under this Title:

(basically the classes with the power source DEVINE):
Avenger -
most fervent templar to the sacred central areas, some faiths require the use of weapons…

Cleric -
Followers of Krhoratt generally, templar who serve the people.

Invoker -
less common, as most are on a path to enlightenment, not affliction of the gods’ wrath – but they’re around…

Paladin -
The most predominant templar types.

Runepriest -
Generally these are the Key priests.

Additionally, on this list, I will probably allow Ardent, Fighter, Monk, Sorcerer & Wizard – but only as builds, they will be templar or priests in character.

Path with the Gods

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