Outer Ring

This is the area of the Citadel of H’Jarad that bridges the Holiness of its inner areas and the general life of those who dwell in the lands surrounding it. The Seekers of Unity populate this area.

There is a government of police and priests that have been selected to help guide the populus in their quest for unity. Members of the Inner Ring will volunteer or be encouraged to return to the Outer Ring to become part of this government. Seekers of Unity, will also volunteer for these positions to attain a connection to Krhoratt or Bekkain quicker than a pilgrimage that one would offer to Kaielif.

The Outer Ring is full of commerce and the day to day life of a society set on interpersonal connections and social development. The society strives for the first law of Doctrine even if they are not on par with the gods, they view each other in the Outer Ring as equals and thus they feel they can share Unity in the simple things of life that the gods offer them, such as food and friendship, music and culture.

The lands surrounding the Citadel send their goods to the Outer Ring where it is distributed throughout the people.

Outer Ring

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