Loose Pages

On the pages it tells of how the Holy ones fought. It goes into limited detail that Kell was the dominion of the unholy and that man was saved from obliteration by the war. Although it only lasted for two days, it wreaked havoc on the land and divided the seas. It took H’Jarad to step in himself, literally with a heavy foot he crushed the conflict mid-battle, eliminating both armies.

It was on that ground that H’Jarad then wept, consecrating it. Then man reunified, drawn together by H’Jarad’s family. They were in mourning for the loss of their mother at the time, and it was with their guidance that the current faith was established.

“The black rain recedes & resides until the holy ones are reunited with death. Under the full moon, when the corrupt and decadent feed it, a splinter wrought by the people, prying open the chasm of unending woe, will begin its descent.”

“Action will destroy the walls. Avoid the dark ones, they are still true.”

“H’Jarad will empower those who imbibe.”

“Sarroth is beyond the visage of beauty.”

“Punishment of all sins is faith. Faith is formed by our inability to use reason. Do not tarry in doubt, for the answer is not why but how. There is an argument for truth. A sin of the mind is greater than of the soul if the body is imbued with the mentality of a child. Our languished belief is a collar of self-loathing. Preach to me the sins of the father that we may be as his children.”

“The strong and wise follow their hearts. Those born of insight and understanding follow their minds. Our brothers and sisters are holier than men. We are as one with the truth. Unify and conquer doubt for the family of H’Jarad is true.”

Loose Pages

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