Sarroth is the beautiful goddess of unity and understanding. Knowledge stems from discussion, sharing, experience, insight and ideas. Intelligence and wisdom are blessings she bestows, but also traits she seeks in her followers and she does not bless just anyone. Only the sanctified Sarrothine may be considered worthy to join with her in unity. She will bless those who strive for understanding of the universe, people’s minds and the way of the gods. No path is easy but many priests of Sarroth say it is rapture to be in her presence.

Founts of Sarroth’s energy are in the central regions of the citadel, near to the Well of Tears, the most sacred area of the citadel. They are kept locked in boxes which are opened by the leaders of the faith alone, known as the Key Priests. None may be with Sarroth through this energy bond unless called to in a vision. The vision is then clarified with the Key Priest, and only if considered true, and wise, they will allow access to the bond founts.

This religion is one of the largest and easiest to have faith in, as there is the physical evidence of the Founts. Other faiths are stronger because their faith is ironclad on belief alone, but no faith is considered more valuable than any other.

Accepted Deities to follow under this god:

Boccob, god of magic, arcane knowledge, balance and foresight.
Corellon Larethian, god of elves, magic, music, and arts.
Nerull, god of death, darkness, murder and the underworld.
Olidammara, god of music, revels, wine, rogues, humor, and tricks.
Saint Cuthbert, god of common sense, wisdom, zeal, honesty, truth, and discipline.


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