Impious Gadabouts

These people are a sub-culture of the Citadel of H’Jarad. They are only rumoured, and scarcely acknowledged to exist as to do so would bring shame to themselves before their gods. These people are believed to not exist because “evil” is not a real concept, it is just sin that needs to be purged.

(If a player chooses this catagory of character you will behave as a DEVINE class equivelant of your role – and keep it secret).

Accepted Classes under this Title:

(This can be any class from Path with the Gods or Seekers of Unity or any of the following. These are the PSIONIC power source classes. If you choose from the other lists there will be alterations both negative and positive to your character)

Ardent -
Templar squad leaders, high priests with authority, etc.

Battlemind -
Exceeding the Templar order’s training you have found a new direction…

Monk -
So many hours in solitude, studying ancient lore, you have changed, your peers don’t know you anymore….

Psion -
Priests of mind, so smart, they must be following the gods ways…

Additionally Warlock, Wizard & Sorcerer although for the non-Psionic classes there will be some notes I will make for the players to … make note of.

Impious Gadabouts

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