Citadel of H'Jarad

The holy citadel of the Faith sits majestically in the middle of the known world. It stretches far across the landscape, people weeks away by cart or wagon can still see the details in the obelisks that reach up from the rings of the citadel into the sky. The citadel in itself is a vast city, the towns and farms around it clustered close and far do little to deter from its striking size or majesty.

The citadel is home to several faiths, all stemming from a focal point, a central faith that encompasses the other doctrines.

The Citadel consists of three distinct regions, the Central Ring, the Inner Ring, and the Outer Ring. Each region is distinct but works together in unison for the Holy State.

The centre of the Citadel houses the Well of Tears and around it in the Central Ring the most devout of the Faiths, and their shrines.

Citadel of H'Jarad

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