Marshall's Laden Sack

Rennik's Loot


In this bag Rennik Thal has put a lot of crap.

Dark Moss Rock – wrapped, glowing shard of unearthly rock.
Vial of Blood – Shadow-Crab Blood.
Vial of Venom – Shadow-Crab Venom – Wire wrapped – Animated when near the Lek’Sarroth Font.
Vial of Ichor – Mummy-creatures gooped remnants
Eggshells – Samples of 3ft long eggs.
Plaster Cast Rings – Rings of the Repositor
Blood of a Repositor – -.-’
Vial of Black Oil Rain – Collected Black Oil from the sky – “oo this could be useful”
Liquid Light – Tainted Lek’Sarroth’s Light comes in a little glass vial.
Holy Tome – Book earned in his Rennik’s trials.


Marshall's Laden Sack

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