Quintus Templarii Praeses Magnus

6'2" (1.88m), 170lb (77kg), medium length dark hair, gray eyes, bronzed skin.


Quintus Magnus (Hemarch Magnus in official nomenclature) is a tall half-elven man approaching the age of thirty. He has collar-length straight black hair that frames an angular and somewhat severe face. His gray eyes are steady and calm, but hint at hidden depths of emotion.
On a typical day upon which you might meet Hemarch Magnus, he will be wearing a suit of scale armour, banded across the shoulders. Attached to embossed silver roundels on his upper chest is a knee-length cloak of black, the sigil of his god emblazoned across it in silver thread.

In his left hand he carries a mighty greatspear, but his right hand remains open for greetings and clasping hands with the fellow faithful.


Hemarch of the Fourth Drawn.

Despite his severe countenance, Hemarch Magnus smiles often and easily. It would be perhaps too kind to say that it transforms his face into a depiction of warmth, as his smile doesn’t soften the harsh planes of his cheeks or jaw, but the smile itself is genuine and friendly nonetheless.

When Hemarch Magnus greets you, he greets you as if you were already old friends, his voice carrying all the warmth that his face does not.

Quintus Templarii Praeses Magnus

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