DEAD Key Priest Tzeiiaarn

Key Priest of the Krhoratt’Tan Faith


Tzeiiaarn is the most revered Cleric in the Templar cast following under the teachings of Krhoratt.
He is a wise warrior and teacher. He is faithful and powerful. His physical pressence reminds one of the power of following a god like Krhoratt.

He is tall and broad. His muscles are distractingly apparent, even under the sleeveless tunic his toning can be seen. He carries a twelve-sided shield with the five-eyed, bull-shape figure of Krhoratt standing guard with his hand-like feet clasping a broad flat line representing the Lockbox.

Although he is a Key Priest, he is more a leader of the Templar, and thus, he is seen patrolling and training the Templar through the larger crossways between the ritual centres of the Faiths. He also periodically guards the Well of Tears.


DEAD Key Priest Tzeiiaarn

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