Key Priest Dekaara

Key Priest of the Sharnoa’Lekk Faith


Dekaara is a faithful follower of of Sharnoa. She has devoted her life to the persuit of knowledge and unity with the gods. Some consider her to be an incarnation of Sharnoa’s beauty and prosperity. Although Dekaara is well past her prime, she is still a radient figure to behold, but her pressence and authority, wisdom and compassion also contribute to that short sighted notion.
Dekaara disputes this compliment as dishonour to Sharnoa herself, regardless of its flattering effect.

Dekaara wears a tight white dress that goes from a around the neck just below the ears all the way to elegantly flow across the stone floor of the inner Citadel. In her loose and large hanging sleeves she keeps her scrolls and research. She can generally be found by the central obelisk which is adjacent to the entrance to the Well of Tears.


Key Priest Dekaara

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