Key Priest Akmardan

Key Priest of the Sinn'Töt Kaielif Faith


Akmardan is one of the wise spiritual leaders over the Faith and followers of the god Kaielif.

He is well known in the inner rings of the Citadel for being one of the most devout followers of the gods.

He stands at roughly 5’ 10", has long silvery grey hair drooping down over his shoulders and down the back of his flowing white robes which are fastened with golden square buttons on the left side.
His face appears scrawny but the rest of his form is obscured by the looseness of the garment that covers to his toes.

He generally carries two books on clasps of his loosely hung belt which is sewn into the robe. A third book he carries in his arms, pressed into his chest as if it were the most precious thing in the world, aside from his god.


Key Priest Akmardan

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