Eleph Ibn-La'Ahad

Elf male, 5'7", 140lbs, Very short platinum blonde hair


His build is not like the other priests, toned and lithe, but most of the time he is seen in traditional priestly robes, wandering the inner ring.


Eleph. An odd, infuriating man.

- His odd methods have set him apart from his clergy, being both priest and not. Lacks an appropriate title. Has taken to calling himself Sagacious Eleph and proclaims to seek enlightenment.

- Once questioned everything, including the faith of others. Still does, but seems satisfied when some form of answer is given, no matter how quickly, and no longer pro-actively incites such unsettling arguments. Seems the question is more important than the answer, but now “let[s] them ask it instead of [him].”

- Spends his mornings going through some odd sort of exercise. Says he uses it in part to defend himself. Three witnesses and a bruised Templar youth confirm this. Politely declined Templar training.

- Would rather meditate than read, but still does both. Has shown some skill at the healing arts, mundane though they are. Would make a passable Hospitalier initiate, if nothing else.

- Lacks any tangible divine connection to Lekk’Sarroth so far. Would recommend he undergo the trials again, perhaps without the flipping and such, just in case he is a late bloomer.

Eleph Ibn-La'Ahad

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