Cleric Marda Kain

Cleric of Krhoratt'Tan and Bekkain'Tan


Marda is a holy woman of faith and strength. She has denied herself her lusts and keeps them with Krhoratt. She had trained under the light of Bekkain’s eyes to keep herself agile and aware. She understands the ways of people and the path the gods have built for them. She has spent many years studying and teaching but is ever striving for more understanding of her gods.

She has long straight brown hair that flows over her shoulders, wax ends hold the mat of hair together and weight it down so it does not move frantically when she does. She wears a two piece tunic, the top hangs low over the loose trouser, both giving the illusion of a dress. She is quite beautiful in her facial features but many can see the danger behind the eyes, and they refrain from testing her resolve and the lid of Krhoratt’s Lockbox.


Cleric Marda Kain

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