Abyrn Lejah'rad

Templar of Bekkain, 6' male human, 'average' to look at.


Templar Abyrn Lejah’rad is an instructor in the Holy Ways of Bekkain.

Abyrn is an unremarkable human, fair of skin, average of height, standard of stature. The most notable aspects of his appearance are the red and brown sashes which attach the white robes of the Templar to his body. Also attached via holy cloth sashes, he wears a long-bladed falchion, usually at his back. Very rarely is the weapon drawn, but it is held on loosely, the metal of the blade covered only by a thin amount of leather as its sheath.

The family of Lejah’rad is known as a holy family, with members throughout the Central and Inner Rings. For centuries, the family has served in every aspect of the godhead H’Jarad, teaching, serving, writing, meditating. Somewhere in the history of each faithful, they have been affected by the Lejah’rad legacy. Even so, the family take it as their duty to H’Jarad and whichever minor deity chooses them to serve, and do so without taking honour for themselves, instead aspiring to holiness, as all in the Citadel should.

Abyrn presently occupies himself with training Templar in one of the Bekkain shrines, a structure within the Inner Ring. True to Bekkain’s form, the structure is a holy place of martial training, where the faithful come closer to their god through physical exertion, pain, and active meditation. Abyrn is the ‘Templar of Blades’ in the shrine, hence he can be found either in motion; testing with combat, or remaining stationary; instructing and training.

These are his primary states of being, motion and non-motion, all his actions can be classed in one, the other, or both. He meditates in both ways, and speaks in both ways, for example. He maintains a holy air with everything he does, behaviour befitting a Templar.
Regardless of his limited range of states of being, Abyrn is a pleasant human to look upon, and converse with, if only more mildly so than the average person.

Abyrn Lejah'rad

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