A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 9

The Marshal’s Notes

  • Took my expert’s head to the chapel of K’horrat to pray over his loss.
  • Noticed that the lectern there had a book-key indentation.
  • After some time praying, the mortar of the wall opposite started glowing green.
  • I noticed a cold chill which appeared to be coming from a black cloud creeping into the room.
  • The green glow was cycling through a pattern that coalesced at a point.
  • Decided to use the book to trigger the lectern, causing the wall to open up.
  • The hole wasn’t big enough to escape through, so put the box into it. The hole closed up, and the fires of a furnace were heard.
  • With little time to spare before the approaching mist, performed some experimentation with my sword and a dispelling bolt, ascertained that the magic within the bolts cause the mist to retreat. Attempted to fashion an addition to my clothing to provide protection.
  • With seconds to spare, retrieved the book of prayers, and found a suitable passage to pray with, for some more assistance from K’horrat. The wall behind immediately appeared to be a secret door, which I used to escape to a small, dark room.
  • Spent the time protected making the dispelling adjustments to my armour more effective. Went to leave and realised that I was stuck.
  • Prayed to K’horrat to let me out to protect others, and let my faith protect me. The door opened and I ran as fast as I could to the Library.
  • Managed to squeeze through the door as a rat, closing it behind me. After entering the Library, found that it started raining the oil from the ceiling.
  • Talked to a nearby Templar and appraised him of the situation. Ascertained the Key Repositor’s location, and headed off to find him.
  • Found his notes scattered around his office. Found a prominent one saying “Turn the Key”. Grabbed the notes and stuffed them in my pack before going after him.
  • Got to the end of the bookcase, finding a pressure plate that brought a moving bookcase to transfer us to where the Key Repositor went. The Hermach and {{rob}} arrived as the bookcase arrived.
  • Getting down to where the ritual was taking place, Hermach Brinnigan appeared to be restrained, and the Key Repositor appeared to be conducting the ritual; creating a hemispherical magic shield as we arrived.
  • The Key Repositor attempted to dissuade us, so I demanded that he be convincing. Two others of the cultists attempted to plead with me by name. I recognised one of their voices.
  • I dispelled the protection and attempted to save Hermach Brinnigan from being sacrificed, unfortunately missing my mark on the cultist.
  • Brinnigan was saved by {{rob}}’s timely intervention, and pulled out of the ritual circle.
  • After brief interrogation, discovered that two of the cultists were my lost parents.
  • Gave my parents the vials, and attacked {{rob}}, pushing him off the platform. He recovered and ran off to get reinforcements. My father sacrificed himself to open the portal.
  • Added to the power of the portal with the oil-sodden grey rain-cloak, ignited by the Hermach’s personal flame. Didn’t manage to push him away.
  • Protected my mother against the Hermach’s attacks. Pushed the Key Repositor, my mother and myself through the portal before the Hermach had the opportunity to ruin things.



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