A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 8

The Marshal’s Notes

  • Entered combat and managed to pacify most of the heretics.
  • Discovered a hole they were making, and part of their plan to take some of the well water.
  • A tentacle seized one of the heretics before we could subdue him and the lead heretic turned into a bat-winged, glowing-red-eyed monster.
  • Managed to covertly sample the waters of the well of tears.
  • The monster was killed, and set on fire by {{rob}}.
  • Tied up one of the prisoners, while the other bled out and was set on fire.
  • {{rob}} gave me command of five Templars after I stated my intention to interrogate the prisoner.
  • Selected the nearby temple of K’leff as a good location for the interrogation, positioned the prisoner on the altar and got one of the Templars to fetch some buckets of water. Proceeded to break his will.
  • Broke the prisoner, and discovered the following facts:
    • They were attempting to “turn the key”.
    • The mission was to feed the tears, feed what is beneath, to unite the family.
    • The things beneath must feed on the tears to “turn the key”.
    • The others are in the library.
    • When the family unites: {{ quote }}.
    • The prisoner was born in the inner ring.
  • Agreed to “let the prisoner go”. Said a prayer to K’leff and commanded the Templars to execute him.
  • A pair of black hands extended from the gates, and tore off his head, turned yellow, then disappeared with it.
  • Dismissed the Templars, sending one to fetch an attendant to clean the chapel, and another to notify the Hermach and {{rob}} of the other agents in the library.
  • Stored the phial of well water when alone, and checked in the box. Found the severed head of my analyst, the vial of {{angry goopy stuff}}, and a message reading:

Here’s your stuff back.
Don’t leave things like this in the wrong hands.
— A friend.
See you later.



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