A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 7

The Marshal’s Notes

  • Two messengers arrived and delivered news of otherworldly creatures attacking the East Outer Ring. A sailor, armed to the teeth was also mentioned.
  • The Hermach and Abyrn debated whether to go to the aid of the ‘filthy heathen scum’. It was eventually decided to try, and if they failed, the gods simply were passing judgement. Successfully kept mouth shut.
  • Hermach required tactical information on where to position forces. Brought map out and provided what expertise I could to his unit commanders.
  • Headed out to the well of tears. Found only two guards on the door, who apparently had their memories altered. Abyrn unfortunately noticed my magical perceptions; didn’t bother lying.
  • Since the other templars that should have been there, weren’t, Abyrn, as temporary commander of the First Drawn, replaced them with new ones, and the compromised two were relieved of their badges.
  • Eleph noticed that the ceiling was covered in strange symbols, and they seemed to be shifting. The symbols looked like a combination of Bekkain, Krhoratt and Kaielif. Investigating further, it seemed to be an active magical effect.
  • Attempting to dispel the effect, I fired a dispelling bolt into the symbols. Unfortunately it seemed to pass through the effect and strike the ceiling.
  • Abyrn attempted to burn the symbol with his holy fire. Failed to throw his sword high enough, so Eleph helped. The symbol of Bekkain was destroyed, revealing dried blood on the ceiling.
  • I was asked to attempt another dispelling, since my service is to Krhoratt and Kaielif. Took out the book of blessings and doctrine and attempted to find some useful blessing to enact while shooting the symbols.
  • The Hermach started looking behind the closed doors to see if any more information could be found; Templars and Abyrn helping. Found five decapitated templars.
  • The dispelling succeeded, revealing the fourteen missing templars impaled to the ceiling with their own spears. They appeared to be exsanguinated, and possibly powered the spell.
  • The next place to investigate would be inside the well of tears, but since no summons was made from the gods, Abyrn was unwilling to let the Hermach enter. An intense verbal conflict ensued, then the two proceeded to begin combat. Muckt’ba E’bah attempted to intervene.
  • Convinced the templars to open the doors to stop the fight. After they began, the fight stopped, and after some discussion, the two combatants assisted opening the door.
  • Peered into the room, and counted five figures inside, and four flanking the door just opened. The Hermach addressed the room, and significantly intimidated those flanking the doors.
  • We entered the room and I fired a flare in to light the place up. More effective than I expected; activated all the lights. One of the people on the far side took a jar of the water from the well and took cover again.
  • After some more intimidation and diplomacy, the four flankers were ordered to leave, and as they exited the chamber, they were executed by the templar guards on Abyrn’s orders. Their disguises disintegrated, revealing them to be the shape-changing cultists.
  • Advanced to the well and took cover before engaging the cultists.



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