A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 6

The Marshal’s Notes

  • After reviewing notes, discovered that the prophecy uttered at the beginning of this escapade appeared to have been enacted by us, and the actions of the templars in the outer ring. The path to the east has been cleared. Rain should be falling in the chapels soon.
  • Working on getting the samples taken from the various supernatural occurrences analysed and inspected. Received a summons from the Hemarch, with an escort of 50 Templars.
  • Arrived to see a mutilated corpse being dragged out of the Hemarch’s halls, and over a thousand Templars arrayed to receive a speech. The corpse appeared to be a Key Priest.
  • Talked to the Hemarch and discussed the situation. The Key Repositor is probably dead, and his research at the least scheduled for destruction.
  • Started the march, and noticed that the “moon” was slowly descending toward the citadel. It looked black with a blue ring around it.
  • Arrived at the central chapel, and removed the first drawn guarding it in favour of the Fourth Drawn commanded by the Hemarch. The first drawn gathering in the central chapel under the command of Abyrn.
  • Key Priest Dekaara appeared to not know what had transpired over the past day, and reported that Hemarch Brinnagan had not been seen since travelling forth to investigate the prophecy.
  • I presented the Key Priestess with a copy of the compiled and filtered notes from the mission into the library. While she balked at the heresy of the material, she was understanding, and appears to be someone to trust.
  • The Key Priestess commented on my lack of Central Ring robes, and after a brief discussion with Abyrn, I elected to wear the symbol of the First Drawn on my belt.
  • After all the discussion, it was resolved to hunt down Hemarch Brinnigan and Key Priest Akmardan.



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