A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 5

The Marshal’s Notes

  • Requested reinforcements and spread knowledge on how to relight the obelisks using the communication bells. Gave a brief report on what was happening to other sectors.
  • Found the corpse of the Templar that was killed by the crossbowman of the initial combat at the gate. Put a note on it to be delivered to the inner ring.
  • Reinforcements arrived. Redistributed flamebane stores. Commander took over organisation and reassigned me with two squads to sort out looters and investigate the rain’s cause.
  • Struck out in front of the police lines to clear a path and help survivors before doubling back behind and sorting out looters.
  • Discovered a blood-ritual of bodies that was just opening a portal via the blue flame. Managed to dispel the portal and avoid any men getting dragged in by the tentacles that emitted by it. Saw the evil-looking magic that appeared to be constructing the portal.
  • Disrupted the positioning of the bodies once the portal closed. Noticed the bodies were positioned in the combined symbol that was last seen in the Hermach’s court. Took samples of the tentacle head that was lopped off, and the ichor that it used for blood.
  • Sent half the squad back to inform the main force of what to expect, and how to deal with bodies, blood and blue flame. Recommended dispelling bolts, regular fire, and disrupting arrangements of bodies.
  • Grudgingly sent a communication to the Inner Ring, requesting aid subduing the riots and taking care of the portals cropping up. Workplace dynamic seriously disrupted when colleagues and superiors realise I’ve been blessed.
  • Spent time managing the damage the Templars were causing to the burnt structures and rioters. Commanded police to capture and arrest looters fleeing from the Templars.



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