A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 4

The Marshal’s Notes

  • Needed around 200ft of rope to get to the bottom of the crevasse
  • Found that the bottom of the shaft consisted of a light-absorbing, spongy, extremely cold, rock-like material. Sinking into it was a very real possibly.
  • Two options presented themselves, a flickering orange light, and a purple light.
  • On the way to the purple light, the monk stepped on something that broke the surface of the stone-like material. I retrieved roughly a foot of rock for later analysis and put it in a bag in my pack. One of the fallen templars was revealed to have been entombed below it.
  • The purple light appeared to be sourced from a leaking font of Lek’Sarroth where a mummified hand was to be protruding from.
  • After providing him with examination gloves, the monk pulled a fully mummified corpse out from the font and it began to glow. It appeared that the man died while kneeling, and was cocooned in that position.
  • The avenger rejoined the group in a shout and a flash of light. Apparently he found the target he was seeking and destroyed it.
  • After the monk warned me not to approach the body, he became pseudo-catatonic after attempting to collect a sample of the cocoon in my stead. He then started to walk toward the font, and after being told to stop him, I immobilised him with a disruptive shot.
  • The cocooned corpse was apparently an obseq, and touching it is sacrilege. According to the monk, they are supposed to ascend body and soul, but this is not the case.
  • The monk proceeded to sanctify the body, and start on the font itself. A sound was heard over some mounds, and was discovered to have originated from a repositor trapped in the ground, surrounded by eggshells and ancient pieces of paper.
  • After thinking about the rock a bit more, I pulled out the rock in my pack to check the temperature and properties, and it appeared to have started glowing.
  • The monk took a sample of the corrupted light pooling around the base of the font, and after putting it in the sample containers, noticed that the shadow-crab venom was animated. Secured the phial with wire.
  • Went to collect samples of the eggshells strewn around where the repositor was found. Highlights from the notes were read out by the librarian, and they seemed to primarily consist of fairly significant heresy.
  • The repositor woke up, and we decided to climb back to the top of the rope. The avenger provided his sash for the last 10ft, and everyone climbed back up.
  • Once back in the library, the repositor was interrogated, and confirmed the information found in his notes. He told us that he needed more time to compile and research his report for the key priests.
  • After asking what we could possibly do, investigating how to stop the oily rain using the obelisks in the city quarters was suggested by the repository. The obelisks apparently channel the energy of Shanoa.
  • During discussions of the repositor’s research, I expressed impressions of the Templar order from the perspective of the outer ring. I mentioned their arrogance and pride, and considering those of lesser standing to be truly lesser than them. The templar’s confirmed these impressions unashamedly.
  • We decided to head after the obelisks while Hermarch Brin reported to the key priests of our progress. The section of the city between two lines of obelisks was on fire from the oily rain.
  • After some experimentation and discussion, a pole with a mirror and a taper was constructed, and used to relight the obelisk fires that had died out. This information was propagated out to the templars.
  • I took my leave and speedily returned to the outer ring to inform them how to stop the rain, resupply and report to my superiors. Starting an investigation into who has been seen around the obelisks of Shanoa, and seeing what analysis can be made of the samples I have collected.



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