A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 3

The Marshal’s Notes

  • Combat with the creatures that had emerged from the library pit ended.
  • Collected some of the ichor that one left behind
  • The Hemarch requested assistance investigating a severed hand.
  • The hand appears to have been severed by a giant pincer, and possesses marks that would indicate two missing rings. Clean fingernails, clean hands. The hand was certainly lost in a struggle, and the nearby blood trail would indicate that the owner was dragged into the nearby pit.
  • The two missing rings were taken by Hermarch Brinnigan.
  • After some convincing, the rings were allowed to be copied with foaming plaster.
  • Hermarch Brinnigan doesn’t believe in the literal legend of the crux of tread.
  • The Repositor appeared to be investigating something that he thought to require templar assistance
  • After compiling scattered notes together, it appears the respositor was investigating the crux of tread.
  • The notes appear to describe the current events as being a planar intertwining, a war for the Holy, and a coming of H’Jarad’s ‘family’.
  • Before any more details could be discovered, the creatures kidnapped the Avenger.
  • Collected up and stored the notes for future reading, then noticed a book/lever that opened a secret staircase leading down.
  • Proceeded down the staircase, the central pillar emanating the purple light from slits.
  • A book-trigger was at the bottom, and the Monk/Priest and I went up a level to retrieve some correctly shaped books. Creatures were heard but not seen.
  • The passage opened with the retrieved book, and a passage revealed.
  • At the end of a bookcase at the bottom there was a pressure plate that after some investigation, moved another bookcase across the yawning chasm.
  • After some complications with the mechanism, that appeared to be based around lamps of blue flame, we managed to get across to the main walkways.
  • The Obitumorian disappeared after making his way across, the rope going immediately taut.
  • We pulled the Obitumorian back up and proceeded down the spiral staircase nearby.
  • The creature attacked me, and I managed to roll to safety and shrug off the wounds.
  • As the rest of the group reached the bottom of the stairs, the creature abducted the Obitumorian again. After hitting the creature with a biting quarrel, it disappeared long enough to send my rope across.
  • After some confusion with a secret passage and cutting off the rope, we managed to get the Obitumorian back, but as the passage closed again, the creature became caught in the mechanism.
  • The creature was dispatched, and I collected a sample of its blood.
  • Some places for a ladder were found, but without a ladder, we needed to link two ropes together to descend to the bottom of the pit.




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