A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 2

The Marshal’s notes

  • After arriving in the inner ring, a priestess and templars took me off to be tested
  • Stood on a pair of blocks, then failed to keep my footing while they separated
  • Figuring out which direction to progress based on clues spoken by testers
  • Progressed in the right direction without being hurt by traps
  • Undid my bonds and lit a lamp in a dark room with the flint on its base
  • Ignited the oil system with my bonds, opening some side doors
  • Determined from the text that the right passage was north, used the book in a depression there
  • Found other book depressions, and used them to reveal some other passages
  • Talked to two testers, got blessed by one, and got a hint for the test from the other
  • Put the book back on its plinth, and hopped through before the passage closed.
  • Confessed my envy to the testers and received a book to study and protect
  • Triggered the final buttons and discovered the exit.
  • Got my boots and equipment back from the templars was taken back to the Hermarch
  • The templars did not return the crossbow from the murder at the gates
  • Was escorted to the well of tears when the Hermarch was found to have moved
  • Engaged a number of creatures in combat upon arrival




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