A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

Session 1

The Marshal’s Notes

  • Attack on Gate to the Inner Ring by force unknown
  • Hunting a group of thieves in the building near the gate
  • Three Templars killed, one by crossbow, two by “priestesses”
  • “Priestesses” distracted Templars with inappropriate behaviour
  • “Priestesses” also seen giving out blessings
  • Probably escaped into the walls after attack
  • Detained crossbow sniper, recovered weapon
  • Jurisdictional issue with Templars claiming theirs
  • Sheriff instructed to raise issue
  • Accompanying Templars into the Inner Ring
  • Attending court in the Inner Ring for oversight
  • The “priestesses” that blessed the pilgrims did it in a devotion hall
  • Judgement was passed on the pilgrims that ran toward the gate
  • A Key Priest intercedes, and two of the Templars execute their charges
  • A tense fight erupts as they continue to attack those around them
  • The Hermach summons a spear with “Ar’bit-rium”
  • Confusion reigns throughout the fight, no-one knowing who to attack
  • A monk moved incredibly fast and saved my life
  • The two injured prisoners were saved from death by the Hermach
  • One of the Templars was killed and replaced with an assailant
  • The Key Priest that started the whole fight attempted to stop it
  • My charge was attempting to escape, so I stopped him
  • The monk took out one of the assailants, who’s disguise failed
  • The Key Priest called for everyone to drop their weapons and to their knees
  • Everyone complies apart from a Templar, who attacks him
  • The Key Priest disappears and another Templar loses his head
  • Another Monk joins the fight and attacks the now visible assailant
  • The monk dispatches the final assailant who’s disguise drops
  • The Hermach and Templar had a discussion on faith and risk
  • The monk stabilised the wounded pilgrims
  • The Hermach then healed the wounded some more
  • Some more administration ensued, bodies cleared, etc.
  • Blood started to move funnily along the cracks in the tiles
  • The Hermach ordered oil and fire thrown on it
  • A priestess appeared in the central plinth, communicating with The Hermach
  • Apparently signs have been seen in the sky heralding a tear
  • The Hermach announced himself as Hermark Quintus Magnus
  • The Hermach interrogated my charge, and then executed him
  • The Hermach went on to the next assailant and started another interrogation
  • More success this time, the assailant heralded enlightenment and conflict
  • The Hermach judged him to be flensed over a basin of fire
  • The last assailant was tortured by the Hermach, and choked out: “How can you do this and pretend to be so holy”. Rebels? Anti-establishment?
  • The assailant quoted: “Clear the path from the east, then the rains will fill the temple, as the blue moon is set usunder”
  • The assailant vomited his entrails out into a combination of religious symbols
  • Templars cleansed the symbol and blood with more oil and fire
  • It appeared to be raining oil outside, and the Hermach ordered people inside
  • Blue flames have been spotted more and more, apparently they mean the gods are present. In tales, it apparently was the wall of purification at the border of the Citadel
  • The Hermach requested everyone present to attend the summons
  • Before crossing the threshold, the Templar threatened me, and I rebuked him
  • The Hermach thanked me for my attention to duty, and I explained my position
  • The monk lead everyone through some passages to avoid the rain
  • A purple glow was coming from some windows, possibly something to do with the Lekk’Sarroth Faith
  • Arrived in the Central Chapel. Key Priests Dekaara and Akmardan present.



I’ll be editing my notes a bit more when I get the time. Feel free to correct factual errors.

Session 1

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