A Hark H’Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith


“Veiled Faith” is the first game in the setting of Hark H’Jarad, a game in which the known world is a god-worshiping police state where all citizens are faithfully striving for ascension to be like their gods.

This game is a D&D 4th Edition based game with unique House Rules.

Quick Game Summary:

  • In this state there exists an ancient and majestic citadel of impressive design and size.
  • It is the throne of a god-fearing nation of seekers of religion and faith.
  • Those not fortunate enough to be born into the servitude of righteousness simply strive to achieve the position.
  • There is a government sustained through faith, fear of omnipotent judgement, and laws of the Doctrine.
  • This government only controls the Outer Ring of the citadel.
  • There are NOT (cough) evil things in the world, only sinners who need to seek redemption.
  • The game is set in the Central Ring; however, other characters may start elsewhere, and somehow gain access to the most sacred halls.
  • Something unexpected is going to shake the foundation of the holy order.
  • “Holy” men who are involved in the event in some way must unite and find a solution despite their possible conflicts…

The Setting:

In this world all you think or talk about is the Doctrine or the astronomical monument to it that is the Citadel of H’Jarad. Small towns and large farms stretch across the landscape into the distance, but the world people care about is the centre of it where the Citadel majestically sits. The singlular combined structure of the Citadel stretches far across the land as large as any vast city. People weeks away by cart or wagon can still see the details in the obelisks that reach up from the rings of the Citadel into the sky. The towns and farms clustered close and far do little to deter from the Citadel’s striking size or majesty.

As the Citadel is the centre of everything that anyone knows or cares about, the world is enclosed. Occasionally travellers claiming to be from other lands will cross the desolate Bann Bara Mountains or emerge from the dense dangerous Forests of S’Dann that border the land, but they are greeted with no more due than any other citizen attempting to get closer to the center of the great holy monument.

The citadel is home to several faiths, all stemming from a focal point, a central faith that encompasses the Doctrine. No one faith is heretical to the others, but some practises and rituals differ. There are Priests of monk-like solitude, preachers of blessings and rites, holy men who hone their bodies and souls to serve the people as Templar of justice, and wise men a plenty.

The populus of this land frequent the Outer Ring of the Citadel of H’Jarad for the amazing experiences the Citadel has to offer. There are daily markets in areas of the citadel that are so large they seem to be streets but are covered over by multitudes of stone, some even having several storeys above them.

Many people come from afar, where the Citadel appears as an apex of the gods’ influence, still taking up half the horizon. Those who come from the bordering lands, come on a pilgrimage to be anointed or give of themselves that they may be purified. These people sometimes may not reap their ambitions for many years after they reach the Citadel, because they tend to be reserved for the greater servants of the faith. The more sought after knowledge and blessings, but mostly the respect and personal status is received further in, in the Inner Ring and mostly the Central Ring, and getting there takes much work.

The sacred holiness of the Citadel peaks in degrees as you approach its centre. Templar stand watch so that no one may breach the sacred seals or trespass without express blessing. This keeps the peasants and rural folk who frequent the Citadel at bay, but constantly seeking to be worthy of their god’s attention.

Accommodation for many, spans the Outer Ring of the Citadel in all directions as the design of the Citadel is cylindrical. This region is still glorious to behold, made of bright limestone and marbles, but it is by far the most dingy of the areas. There is a less devout group of policing warriors and scholars that govern this region, controlling the people’s behaviour and ensuring sacred laws and hygiene are upheld to a standard they personally would like their god to judge them by.

In seclusion from the controlled chaos of the general populous, the devout worshippers, scholars and patrons of the gods live in relative peace in the Central Ring. They spend all day and night, learning, praying and teaching their faith to the chosen few who are deemed worthy to reach the central regions.

For more information into the Citadel, take a look at the wiki.

A Hark H'Jarad Affair: Veiled Faith

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